Hours and Fees

Treatment Hours  

Monday:  9am – 5pm
Tuesday:  10am – 7pm
Thursday:  8am – 4pm 

If you are not able to work these times into your schedule, please ask Nikole about earlier or later appointments. 



Initial Consultation  
(1.5 hours)
Follow-up Appointment
(1 hour)
Initial Pediatric Treatment
(1 hour) 
Pediatric Follow-up
(30 min) 
$45 for 1st child
$30 for each additional child per family
Depends on formula and frequency needed

Missed appointments or cancelations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the regular fee.  


Sliding Fee Scale 

If the income brackets below apply to you or your family, please take advantage of our sliding scale:

1 Person Family
$30,000- 45,000
20% discount
2-4 Person Income
$60,000- 90,000
20% discount
1 Person Family
40% discount
2-4 Person Family
$30,000- 60,000
40% discount


Family Roots Acupuncture is currently working on accepting insurance.  Did you know that  because of the Affordable Care Act, the vast majority of California’s 38 million residents will have a basic level (up to 20 treatments a year) of acupuncture coverage starting 2014? If your plan covers acupuncture, please let me know your carrier. If you would like more information about whether or not your insurance covers acupuncture, we recommend you call the number on your insurance card and ask. In the meantime, at the time of your visit, we can provide a receipt and the “super bill” that your insurance requires for reimbursement.  This will include information on how to submit a claim to your insurance.