Family Roots Acupuncture and Herbs is a fully licensed and board certified Oriental medicine clinic conveniently located within Simple Family Health at 1 Rio Vista in the Piedmont Ave. neighborhood of Oakland.

At Family Roots we are passionate about offering Chinese Medicine to the whole family.  Adults and Children of any age can benefit from a combination of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to achieve optimal health.  At Family Roots Acupuncture and Herbs, you will be given ample one on one time with your acupuncturist to truly experience the benefits of Chinese Medicine. 

news and upcoming events:

POSTED: March 24, 2014

Join us and Simple Family Health on Saturday April 5th for a FREE integrative health fair from 1-4pm.  Space is limited, call or email to RSVP! 

1-1:30 pm: Welcome and Introductions
1:30- 2 pm: Enhance your Fertility with Traditional
Chinese Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist, Nikole Maxey will teach you
how Acupuncture can help from conception to birth.
2-3 pm: Improving Fertility Naturally
Dr. Jennifer Strider, Naturopathic Doctor discusses
how natural therapies can help boost your success at
conceiving a healthy baby.
2-3 pm: Be Happy Without Being Perfect
Jessica Michaelson, Doctor of Psychology, explores the
effects of perfectionism on conception, pregnancy,
and parenthood.
3-4 pm: Preparing for Pregnancy: What should I
Know about my Pelvic Floor?
Lisa Gibson, Doctor of Physical Therapy discusses best
preparing your pelvis for conception.
3-4 pm: The Fertile Earth
Jocelyn Alyssa of Jocelyn Alyssa Garden Designs is an
expert in edible garden design, she will discuss how to
make your soil fertile.

POSTED: January 27, 2014

Valentine Special!!!

Send your body LOVE! Call to schedule and appointment between Feb 1 and Feb 14th and I will waive the initial consult fee for you or your loved one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!